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USA 2017 / 135 min / English OV

The clown Pennywise from Stephen King’s most famous novel IT has a new face. After Tim Curry it is Bill Skarsgård’s turn to incarnate the absolute evil. The cast is a stroke of genius: The kids are played by the best newcomers of the year and their chemistry is spot-on, making sure IT is not only an extremely suspenseful horror film but also a gripping emotional drama about growing up.


Italy/France/Switzerland 2017 / 122 min / Italian OV with English subtitles

They say Sicily used to be the play- ground of the Gods, and so SICILIAN GHOST STORY carries us off into a true fairy tale world, albeit a very cruel one. Our centerpiece 2017 was a highlight at the Cannes Film Festival and is one of the most outstanding productions of the year. Italy is on the rise – and tremendously so!


Australia/Colombia 2017 / 115 min / English OV

On his trip through South America, young globetrotter Yossi (Daniel Radcliff) meets the two like-minded adventurers Kevin and Marcus. Traveling deep to the heart of the green continent things take a sudden dramatic turn for the worse. Adaptation of the bestselling novel JUNGLE, Australian directorial talent Greg McLean (WOLF CREEK) once again plunges tourists into hostile surroundings.



South Korea 2017 / 129 min / Korean OV with English subtitles

Always count on Korea when it comes to graphicness and action. The title villainess of this breathless Cannes Midnighter is beautiful Kim Ok-bin (from Park Chan-wook’s THIRST), trained as an ice cold professional killer she punches, slaughters, cuts and shoots through targets too numerous to count. Stunts and fighting choreographies are so extreme and legendary, already cult!





オーディション – 悪の教典

To honor Takashi Miike’s 100th film BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL, we happily serve up a double feature of two of the most disturbing horror scenarios by the Japanese guerilla director: His groundbreaking early work AUDITION and the nihilistic LESSON OF THE EVIL. Four hours of uncut Miike and not for the faint of heart indeed!


International short film programme / 105 min / OV + OV with subtitles

Additionally the short film selection will feature an audience award too. The short film award is presented and sponsored by and will award € 2.000 to the winning director.